quarta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2010


Great songs from the 70's composed by the first Family Members remastered in 2005 by David Blossom.
01 The Ballad Of Aquarius
02 Spin Around
03 Cry Of Revolution
04 Three Cheers
05 Do You
06 Bold Die Young
07 Step Out On The Water
08 Someone Sent Us Here
09 A Man's Life
10 Walk On The Ground
11 Live Your Life In Freedom
12 This Is The Day
13 Great Is Our God
14 John 3:8
15 Take One Step For Jesus
16 We Shine In The Sun
17 Look At The Way They Raised Us
18 You Say You Love My Jesus
19 Billy
20 The Children Of The Lord
21 Nothing But The Blood
22 Psalm 23

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