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Jeremy Spencer (born 4 July 1948), is a British musician, best known as one of the first guitarists in Fleetwood Mac. Spencer's speciality later became the slide guitar. He was strongly influenced by the blues musician Elmore James. He joined Fleetwood Mac in July 1967 and remained with the band until February 1971, when he joined a Christian group called the "Children of God", now known as "the Family International", of which he is still a follower.
Precious Little was recorded in 2006 in Bluestown.
Tracks Listing:
01 Bitter Lemon
02 Psychic Waste
03 It Hurts Me Too
04 Please Don't Stop
05 Serena Serena
06 Dr. J
07 Bleeding Heart
08 Many Sparrows
09 Trouble And Woe
10 Maria De Santiago
11 Take And Give
12 Precious Little

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