sexta-feira, 3 de maio de 2013


ARTISTS: Cathy Gehr, Peter Gehr, Jeremy Spencer, Stefan Schaf, Gloria Russel, Johannes Brahms, Chris Gardener, Caleb David, Andrew Green, Chris Jung

ALBUM: "Sweet Dreams Tonight - Original version" © NuBeat Music GroupICS: Sleep time
GENRE: Children's Music
One of the original Albuns recorded by Heaven's Magic (Magica Celestial) now available for download.
(NOTE:  MP3 audio file was made from an original Heaven's Magic cassette, thus the lower quality.

01. Did I remember
02. A Heavenly land
03. I hear God speak to me
04. A beautiful world
05. Dear Lord we thank thee
06. Sounds in the night
07. There among the stars
08. Always with me
09. Little bird in the night
10. A wonderful dream
11. I know someone loves me
12. When it is time to sleep
13. God's loving eyes
14. Starlight
15. Lullaby and goodnight
16. Little eyes
17. Dancing trees
18. Angels of love
19. He will take care of his own
20. God's love will be with us
21. Sweet dreams tonight
22. Jesus come into my heart


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  1. '' eu amei este álbum! são maravilhosas as musicas !
    Alexandre de carvalho, montes claros, minas gerais